The everso growing popularity of iPads in today’s electronic marketplace has catalyzed the demand for iPad repair service and maintenance. Because of the iPad’s somewhat delicate and lightweight design, cracked screens and damaged exteriors are very common. Many people don’t want to pay a ton of money just to have their iPad screen repaired, so they live with it and hope that their screen doesn’t endure further damage.

Don’t walk around with a damaged iPad any longer. DrPhoneFix Boca Raton can help. We provide screen and exterior replacements, as well as any troubleshooting issues to ensure that your iPad is as good as new. Our skilled iPad Repair technicians work quickly and efficiently so that you can have peace of mind.

We also have a lifetime warranty on all labor and parts associated with previous iPad repairs. Call DrPhoneFix Boca Raton to set up an appointment or come to our store for immediate assistance with your iPad repair needs in Bota Rocan FL!

Screen Repair

Don’t look at your unsightly iPad screen any longer. If you damaged your iPad screen, we can repair and replace it at an affordable cost to you.

Water Damage

Your iPad is susceptible to water damage. If your iPad comes into contact with any liquid substance, then have the professionals at DrPhoneFix Boca Raton repair your iPad immediately.

Charging Port Repair

It’s important that your charging port doesn’t have any damaged components. We’ll repair your charging port so that you can charge your iPad effectively.

Button Replacement

Let us repair and replace your iPad buttons so that the appearance and functionality of your iPad are just as pristine as it was when you first got it.

Battery Replacement

After a prolonged period of time, your battery can become worn out. If this happens, then call DrPhoneFix Boca Raton so that we can repair or replace your iPad battery.


We determine the most effective course of action to take when repairing your iPad by performing a full diagnostic sweep of your device.

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No matter what the fault is, we can fix it for you, repair hundreds of devices daily and fix everything. Furthermore, we repair all types of mobile phone devices from iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Sony, HTC, iPad, Tablets and many more.

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